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A New Model of Musical Distribution

Monday, November 16th, 2015

One of the more interesting digital evolutions that can be easily tracked on the web is the design and ideology behind musical distribution methodologies. Even with the likes of Napster and Soulseek being an early proto-model standard for peer to peer networking and music sharing, we have seen a radical department from the traditional peer to peer model to models that are less self-contained within their own software environments. Now with the likes of music sync companies, an artist is able to send individual tracks or a portfolio of beats and harmonies to a company that has direct access to major media production companies who are searching for new artists and content.

Working as an independent musician I’ve found the challenge in becoming successful to be a refreshing inspiration that pushes me to constantly improve on my work. Not only must I create unique tracks but I also have to learn to adapt to the constantly changing music scene. (more…)