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It Hurt a Lot to Lose My Two Favorite People

Monday, March 19th, 2018

After going to a monuments dealer in Essex County NJ and getting a few other things handled for my parent’s funeral, I was grateful that I felt a little less stressed. It allowed me to begin to grieve for my parents. I didn’t know anything at all about what I needed to do, and everyone I talked during the process was so helpful and comforting. This was especially true when I went to the monuments dealer because I broke down while talking the owner there, and he helped me out a lot. It is going to be a very new thing to face the world without the two people I love the most in life.

I have always felt sorry for friends who say that they are not close to their family or their entire family has a lot of problems. I have never had those same problems. I am very lucky that we don’t have fights or any underhanded things going on within my family. (more…)


Why Learning Physics is So Important for Your Children

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Physics covers such a broad spectrum of the sciences that you might get lost in understanding its importance to master physics early in your education. The earlier you can get your children understanding and applying the scientific principles of physics, the better equipped they will be for learning the core of whatever studies they are required to pursue for their university degrees. We have been strong on using the best of the Singapore physics tuition providers for our children. The science of physics has so many applications.

If you are studying to explore things beyond the terrestrial, you need to know physics. (more…)