Creating Pay Stubs is Actually Very Easy

I had no idea how to create check stubs the proper way, but thankfully I did not have to worry about this for too long. I thought that when my husband asked me to see about making some since he had to hire extra help for a few weeks, that I was going to have to create some of out thin air. I knew that I could do something with our word program, but it was just not something that I was used to using even for other things let alone creating a pay stub for his workers.

I figured the best way to learn how to do this was to find a tutorial on a website, so I went to my favorite search engine and did a search for just that. What I found was so much better though. I really liked the site that not only explained about pay stubs, but also did all of the work for me. Well, that is not entirely true, because I did have to input the information, but this website does everything else. All I have to do is put in the worker’s information, info about my husband, and the pay info.

After I do all of that, it takes just seconds for the website to generate a pay stub for me. I pay a very small fee, and then it is emailed to me. That part is instant too. By the time I hit submit for my payment information, I already have the email in my inbox. Then, all I have to do is print it out, write the check for my husband, and then he handles the rest with giving it to his workers and taking care of sending the taxes and fees into where they need to go. I wish everything in life was this simple!


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